Ammo 8504 1/48 Starfighter F-104G Limite edition

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    F-104 is a supersonic jet fighter developed by Lockheed.
    After a short period of operation in the US Air Force, it was granted and operated in 15 countries around the world, mainly in the United States and allied countries such as Japan, Italy, the Republic of China (Taiwan) and West Germany under the Cold War.
    In addition to the Spanish Air Force, this kit can reproduce the aircraft of Canada (2 types), Italy, Greece, Norway, and the Turkish Air Force.
    Two types of injection seats and jet nozzles are included
    Reproduce radar module inside the nose
    Reproduction of electronic equipment behind the cockpit
    The front / main legs are precisely reproduced, and the tire has its own weight deformation type
    With etch parts such as seat belt and fuselage bottom panel