Dream Model DM720013 1/72 Northrop F-5E 'Tiger II' Early Version

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    It is a guide for the 1/72 F-5E [Tiger II] (early model), which is a completely new mold than the Dream model.
    The F-5E is an improved version of the F-5A, which was first deployed in 1964, and is a donation fighter whose parts have been redesigned such as the engine strengthened and radar added.
    This injection plastic kit has 1 additional tank and GBU-10 laser guided bomb, Mk.83 bomb, Mk.82 bomb, sidewinder missile x 2, ECM antenna and chaff pod installed when operating as an aggressor aircraft in the US military. Is included, and 2 types of nose radomes (original and shark nose type adopted in F-20) are included.
    Also comes with etching parts and 8 types of decals (US Air Force x3, US Navy x2, Iran Air Force, Korean Air Force, Thai Air Force x 1 each).