Kinetic K48093 1/48 F-104G/S ASA/M Starfighter Italian Air Force

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    This product, which is molded with the latest mold technology named [Kinetic Gold], is finished at a higher level than before in all aspects such as details and fitting accuracy of parts.
    The Italian Air Force received the F-104G in 1962, and from 1969 introduced the enhanced F-104S, which was given the ability to operate the AIM-7, with enhanced engines and increased hardpoints.
    The F-104SASA / M is an S-type performance-enhanced F-104SASA with further modifications such as navigation equipment and instrument improvements.
    Since 1998, 49 F-104 SASA aircraft have been refurbished to ASA / M.
    In the kit, the characteristic small fins on the left and right of the ventral fins at the bottom of the rear fuselage are reproduced with a new mold.
    Bomber type and interceptor type instrument panel, BL104 pylon and AIM-7 / Aspide launcher, 3 types of decals are included.
    When completed, the total length is 372 mm, the total width is 162 mm, and the number of parts is more than 200.