Meng 1/48 LS-009 North American P-51D Mustang `Yellow Nose`

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P-51D/ K were the most important variants of the Mustang family. The only difference between P-51D and P-51K was the difffifferent propellers. The use of bubble canopy gave them the best visibility among all Mustang variants. The six 12.7mm machine guns could easily tear apart the fragile Axis fighters. In 1944, Mustangs were also fitted with the amazing K-14 gyro computing gunsights . Pilots only needed to preset the gunsight and entangle the target in the sighting ring. The calculation of lead compensation would be given by the analog computer. That was far more advanced than the iron gunsights used on Axis aircrafts. P-51D/ K were also the most produced Mustang variants . More than 9,000 were made. In late WWII, the U.S. military equipped with Mustangs gained air superiority. Their aircraft paintings changed from the previous flat camouflages to natural metal color accompanied by highly saturated recognition colors.


This MENG LS-009 North American P-51D Mustang "Yellow Nose" plastic model kit has two paint schemes with yellow recognition color. The box art features the aircraft of Bruce·W·Carr who’s a P-51D ace with 25 victories. This kit also has features like fast cement-free assembly design, accurate exterior, lots of surface details and various store options.