Meng SS-015 1/35  Bergepanther Ausf.A

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Meng SS-015 1/35  Bergepanther Ausf.A

    A vehicle developed for collecting heavy tanks such as tigers and pantars as one of the derived types of the V No. Tank Panta is Sd.Kfz.179 tank collection equipment (Pantor I), commonly known as "Berge Pantor" .
    A wooden open-type fighting room is installed in the body diverted from the Pantor Tank, and equipments for vehicle recovery such as cranes and winches are equipped.
    2 cm cannon cannon could be installed as additional armament.
    The kit precisely three-dimensionalizes the appearance of Berge Pantor A type which is the initial production type.
    Anti shields of machine gun rings, side skirts, wires and chains are reproduced with metal parts.