Meng VS-004 1/35 Pickup w/ZU-23-2

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Meng VS-004 1/35 Pickup w/ZU-23-2

Pickup, a light truck with open cargo bay, has gained universal utility in many fields, including military applications.

The ZU-23-2 AA gun, developed by Former Soviet Union, is a light-weighted, easily operated and low cost weapon system widely adopted by many nations and has seen active performance in hot spots in Africa and Middle East. Due to its nature, this gun can be fitted onto various platforms as a highly effective mobile fire support weapon.


This 1/35 scale plastic kit of Pickup w/ZU-23-2 is a faithful replica of the real vehicle with accurate outline as well as interior details and optional door positions. Complex structure of ZU-23-2 AA gun is also accurately modeled with traveling/three firing positions available. Precision PE set is included. Two painting schemes for the Pickup are provided.