Meng TS-033 1/35 T-72B1 Russian Main Battle Tank

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Meng TS-033 1/35 T-72B1 Russian Main Battle Tank

In 1981, when the Soviet Union knew that new main battle tanks like M1 and Leopard 2 would enter military service with NATO forces, they immediately decided to upgrade the T-72 main battle tank maintain the deterrence against the opponent. This upgrade project was called “Object 184”. In 1984, this latest T-72 variant was named T-72B. As per the Russian tradition, some of those upgraded tanks had simpler equipment and they were not capable of firing gun-launched missiles. Those tanks were called T-72B1. Compared to T-72A, the most obvious changes on the T-72B/B1 were the new turret nicknamed Dolly Parton by NATO armies and the Kontact-1 ERA blocks covering the hull and the turret. A total of 3,435 tanks were produced by the Soviet between 1985 and 1989.  The T-72B1 tanks have been in service with Russian Army for a long time. Before being replaced by the T-72B3 or T-90, they are the most trusted tanks in the armored forces.


This 1/35 scale Russian Main Battle Tank T-72B1 plastic model kit features clear lights, periscopes and optical equipment, separate anti-radiation applique parts, realistic and movable torsion bar suspension, easy-to-assemble workable tracks. The SPS-028 V-84 engine can be installed inside (sold separately). Fine PE parts are included and 9 paint schemes are provided.

Length: 289mm  Width:109mm