Meng VS-003 1/35 Russian AHMV Gaz 233014 STS Tiger Vehicle

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Meng VS-003 1/35 Russian AHMV Gaz 233014 STS Tiger Vehicle

GAZ-233014 is the military variant of GAZ-2330 “Tiger” high-mobility vehicles which resemble the U.S."Humvee" and are therefore called the “Russian Humvee”. Entered military service in 2007, the “Tiger”is capable  of achieving an off-road speed up to 120-140km/h thanks to its high mobility design. A crewof six includes driver and co-driver plus 4 Special Forces  personnel. Armament consists of roof ring mounted AGS-17 30mm automatic grenade launcher and “Pecheneg” 7.62mm MG which can be simultaneously operated by two  crew members through the open hatch. The cabin can also host  a large storage of  ammunition and RPG launchers.


This 1/35 scale plastic model kit of “Tiger” is a faithful replica of the Russian armored high-mobility vehicle. Not only is the unique outline accurately reproduced, but also cabin interior details are provided. All cabin doors can be built in open or closed position. Rotatable roof ring mount and decals for camouflaged interior covers all represent the real vehicle realistically. Two painting schemes are provided.

Overall length: 165mm;   width: 66mm